History Of Calhoun

Calhoun Street Elementary School opened her doors and welcoming arms to students and families in 1974.  The school, which only had three principals during its existence (Roy Smith, Danny Shaw, and Ann Self), was constructed to replace an aging North Fant School.  Throughout her history, Calhoun Street Elementary earned a reputation of excellence and honor for its care, commitment, and academic success.

After the original construction of Calhoun Street Elementary, there had been two notable building changes.  A six classroom expansion during the 1990-91 school year, and the addition of a kindergarten wing in 1998.  The additions to the school facility in the early and late '90's helped to provide much needed instructional space in response to community growth and Anderson District Five's building program commitment.

During the 1994-95 school year, new building changes and improvements began in order to reopen Calhoun Street Elementary in the fall of 2005 as Calhoun Academy of the Arts, the first magnet school in Anderson District Five.

In 2003, in response to tremendous population grown within the district, two new elementary schools were opened.  The addition of the two new schools created changes in attendance lines and subsequent re-zoning of students took place.  At the conclusion of the rezoning process, Calhoun Street Elementary transferred nearly 400 students to other schools within the district.

Recognizing the potential for stagnant growth and a landlocked (no new families with children moving in) predicament within the Calhoun Street boundaries, the District Five Superintendent of Schools, Betty Bagley, approached Calhoun Street principal, Ann Self, as well as the Anderson Five Board of Trustees with a plan to keep Calhoun thriving and strong.

After a year of research, visiting, planning, developing, preparing, and presenting, a district-wide team of parents, teachers, and administrators gave their recommendation to the Anderson Five Board of Trustees.  Subsequently, on April 20, 2004, the Board of Trustees voted to convert Calhoun Street Elementary into a district-wide magnet school of the arts.

Over the course of the 2004-05 school year, many preparations were made for the opening of Calhoun Academy of the Arts for 2005-06.  Renovations of the school stage area accompanied the addition of a dance studio and science lab.  By the end of the summer of 2006, the new arts wing was completed with a music room, a strings room, two art rooms, a drama black box, and a keyboard lab. 

In the fall of 2008, Calhoun began preparations for their final building phase to complete the school as a highly equipped arts facility. Construction concluded in August, 2010 with the addition of a new 800 seat performing arts center which will be used by the school and community, a new administration office, a guidance suite, remodeled library, renovated classrooms, and new computer lab. 

The faculty and staff of Calhoun Academy of the Arts is excited about, and has embraced the challenge that lies before us.  We are committed to providing an instructional program in which students become self-confident achievers in academics, creative thinkers in all areas, and successful citizens in life.