Mission Statement - Spotlight

  • Our Vision:

    To promote academic success and lifelong learning for all students through an arts infused education



    Developed January 2018

    • the school, parents and community stakeholders work as a team to meet their personal needs (food, home life, materials, resources, relationships, etc.)
    • they are provided a safe, nurturing and loving learning community where risk-taking is encouraged
    • they use higher order thinking skills and apply learning beyond the classroom
    • they have choices in instructional activities
    • their needs are met through small group instruction and differentiation
    • the instructional program fosters a love of learning and challenges students to be lifelong learners
    • the arts are integrated with the core curriculum
    • learning is active, engaging, innovative and student-centered
    • growth is expected and celebrated
    • diversity is valued and reflected in programs and priorities
    • they are guided by  knowledgeable, well prepared, and skilled adults with whom they have a positive relationship
    • teachers set high expectations for behavior and learning with minimal disruptions in the classroom
    • teachers make data driven decisions